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    Linyi Haixin Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. It is one of the designated backbone enterprises of national glass-lined equipment and D1 and D2 pressure vessels

    Advantages Advantages

    I. Material advantages:

    1. Advantages of steel plate: The steel plate purchasing directly cooperates with Shandong Iron and Steel Group, eliminating the intermediate purchasing quality control link, which can better guarantee the quality of steel plate. The steel plate adopts double fixed size, and the thickness of the steel plate of the equipment is higher than the industry standard.
    2. Flange advantages: equipment flanges are all PN6 and PN10 standards, the design standard is higher than the peer and industry standards, greatly improve the burning deformation of equipment and improve the sealing performance of equipment.
    3. Advantages of nozzle: Haixin patent design of flanging nozzle, flanging nozzle can solve the problem of corrosion caused by material leakage on the nozzle from the outside to the inside, solve the special health requirements of pharmaceutical equipment, and greatly extend the service life of the nozzle of the equipment.

    II. Advantages of glaze:

    1.Formula advantages: high temperature strong acid performance is better, acid resistance is more than 2 times better than ordinary enamel, is recognized by users as "acid resistance experts".
    2.Design advantages: according to the different needs of customers to customize personalized glaze, to solve the pain points and problems in the use of equipment.

    III. Technological advantages:

    1.Polishing process: the first use of abrasive belt polishing process in China, effectively eliminate the surface defects of steel plate, improve the smooth smoothness, more conducive to the flatness and denseness of enamel performance.
    2. Spraying process: the equipment adopts cold spraying process, the porcelain layer is refined every time, and the thickness is controlled layer by layer, so that the thickness and uniformity of the porcelain layer can reach the best state, the adhesion of the porcelain glaze and steel can reach the best density, and the density of the porcelain layer can be guaranteed to be more perfect.
    3.Enamelling process: the equipment adopts low temperature slow firing heat preservation firing process, automatic temperature control firing to make the enamel fusion state and glass performance more stable, longer service life of the equipment.

    IV. Design advantages:

    Accessories personalized design: hite mixer, temperature casing glass lining accessories products such as independent research and development design manufacture for hisin team, hisin blue exclusive form a complete set of equipment of high quality accessories products, exclusive "personal custom," professional, dedicated, solve and meet the production requirements of personalized professional, you have how many production, mixing, ok see you! The best equipment scheme, for you to bring higher economic benefits.

    V. After-sale advantages

    Professional after-sales team: Professional, enthusiastic, efficient and responsible after-sales team will provide you with perfect use experience for the subsequent use of your equipment.